Art – School Closure Work

School Closure Work

Mrs Haley’s Classes – Closure Work
Mrs Boyds Classes – Closure Work
Miss Abraham’s Classes – Closure Work
Miss Howie’s Classes – Closure Work

poster competition all year groups

National 5 Art and Design

N5 Picasso Matisse 2019 20
N5 Expressive Pablo Picasso

All New S3 Art Students

Due date 11th MAY 2020- You will find this info also in your one note in the contents page under school closure.

Hello I hope you are all well.  Your first assignment is due next week. You are going to be writing about Picasso- Weeping Woman Painting.

1/ Please watch the video below. Click on the link below. Make notes as you watch it.

2/Now watch this short Picasso video. Again make notes.


3/ You are now going to start to fill out the attached template. Please make sure that you save the Yellow Picasso template to your own one drive first as a word document. Complete the first 6 boxes only on the Yellow Picasso template. They are highlighted in yellow, these are the visual elements. Use  the National 5 question paper prompts guide to help you. See link below.There is also a vocabulary booklet here which will help you select appropriate terminology for your Picasso template. If you are able to print off the senior phase art & design booklet this may be easier to work from. If not you will need to keep changing screens.

Mrs Black/Mrs Howie Work for 1B

Hope you are all safe and well! Here are How to Video’s to watch. Please email me your work once you have completed it. You have a week to do each lesson. All we ask is that you try your best and do not worry if you do not have exactly the correct materials, just try to use what you have. Remember to follow us on Instagram so you can see the work that everyone has been doing. I will post more lessons after week 4.
Week 1 Fun with Lines
Week 2 Imagination Doodles
Week 3 Making paper patterns
Week 4 How 2 sketch quickly from an image
Thank you
Mrs Black & Mrs Howie