The B.G.E; a ‘Broad General Education’.

The BGE is the National Curriculum in Scotland for S1 – S3. The principles are set out below.

“All children and young people in Scotland have an entitlement to a curriculum which will support them in developing their values and beliefs and enable them to:

achieve the highest possible levels of literacy and numeracy and cognitive skills
develop skills for learning, skills for life and skills for work
develop knowledge and understanding of society, the world and Scotland’s place in it
experience challenge and success so that they can develop well-informed views and act responsibly”.

In English and Literacy, we focus on the skills illustrated by the Significant Aspects of Learning (SALS).



Although teaching and learning will often take place across more than one significant aspect of learning, a learner may achieve a level in listening and talking or reading or writing. Progress and achievement within these three significant aspects of learning in literacy and English will be evidenced as children and young people achieve across these key themes:

  • engage with a broad range of increasingly complex texts, including Scottish and Scots texts
  • develop and apply knowledge and understanding of language
  • find, use and organise information, including developing critical literacy skills
  • use reading and listening strategies to understand, analyse and evaluate texts
  • create texts of increasing complexity using more sophisticated language.