BGE – Science


School Closure Information

New S2

Topic 4 – The Science of Survival

Lesson 1 – The Need for Water

Lesson 2 – The Need for Electricity

Lesson 3 – The Need for Food

Lesson 4 – The Need for Biodiverisity


“This is the second unit for S2 Science – The Science of Sustainability! Please only start this unit if directed by your science teacher. Like before, create a new page in your Class Notes section, name it “Science of sustainability” and upload your work there 🙂 “

Lesson 1 Climate Change

Lesson 2 Agriculture

Lesson 3 Energy

Lesson 4 Making a difference

Dr Scott’s S2 Science Class 2020/21
OneNote Class Notebook 2m :  ROY-2m Science-2020/21-FS

Mr Wootton’s S2 Class 2020/21
OneNote Class Notebook is called Class moving to S2 is called  ROY-CHEM-2i-PW

Hello all new S2!
The science department have been working very hard to give you a new topic every week until summer, we really hope you enjoy them and get a taste of various different aspects about science! These topics will also be uploaded to you one note. Please submit work by the end of Friday every week. This week we start with “The Science of Sport”
Thank you! 🙂