Biology – Closure Work

Miss Ewart’s S3 Class

W/c 4th May

Read through the powerpoint and complete the activities as you go. You don’t need to complete all of the work in one sitting. You’ll have all week to complete each topic. Upload a photo of your jotter (or screenshot if you’re doing it on your iPad) as your assignment submission at the end of the week.

S3 – The Nervous System

W/c 11th May

Work through the PowerPoints completing the activities along the way. You will need to open them in the PowerPoint app for the links to work .

S3 – The Endocrine System

W/c 18th May

S3 – The Cardiovascular System


 Miss Kerr Class 2C w/b 27th April

S2 DNA lesson Guide 2020
crack the code
Lesson 1 Gamete production
Lesson 2 Fertilisation and implantation
Lesson 3 Animal Embryos
Lesson 3 Embryo development
Lesson 4 Risks to embryo
Lesson 5 Mums to be advice
Lesson 6 DNA
Lesson 7 The Genetic Code
Lesson 8 Ethics of DNA database
Lesson 9 Other uses of DNA
Lesson 10 GM and cloning