Events Get into Accounting with PwC:

: 29th September, 4pm – 5pm 

: Careers in Accounting (workshops, Q&A + an overview of PwC opportunities) 

: What it’s like working for a Big 4 firm 

: Parents and guardians are also welcome to join 





School Closure Information

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S2 Business – Ms Collins

S2 Business – Miss Duncan

S3 Business – Ms Collins

S3 Business – Miss Duncan

National 5 Business – Miss Duncan

Higher Business – Ms Collins

Higher Business – Miss Duncan

Please work through these and contact your business teacher with any questions.

S2 – April Challenge – Ms Collins



National 4
  • Business in Action
  • Business in Action with a Scottish Context
  • Influences on Business
  • Added Value Unit – Business Assignment


National 5 Higher
  • Understanding Business with a Scottish Context
  • Understanding Business
  • Management of People and Finance
  • Management of People and Finance
  • Management of Marketing and Operations
  • Management of Marketing and Operations