The Business Education and Computing Science faculty aims to allow every learner the opportunity to achieve their potential while learning how to:

Develop a lifelong appreciation of Business and Computing in the world around them.

We strongly believe in the importance of offering pupils a range of exciting experiences which foster independent thinking and teach valuable life skills, which help to equip them for life and work beyond school.


Ms Wendy Reith Ms Amanda Collins Miss Lindsay Duncan Miss Holly Davidson
Curriculum Leader Business Education Teacher Business Education Teacher Computing Science Teacher
Miss Gillian Murray Mr Miller
Computing Science Teacher ICT Technician


N4 N5 H AH
Business Management green-tick green-tick green-tick
Computing Science green-tick green-tick green-tick green-tick
Cybersecurity NPA green-tick green-tick green-tick
Games Development NPA green-tick green-tick green-tick
Computer Refurbishment NPA green-tick
Web Design & Development NPA green-tick
CISCO – IT Essentials
Oracle Academy


Most pupils in S1 and S2 will be progressing through the bench marks of level 3, moving on to encounter level 4 benchmarks in S3. However, all pupils do progress at different rates. The final level achieved at the end of the BGE (S3) will help inform the pathway into National qualifications, at National 3, 4 or 5 level.  Please click on the link below which will highlight all the content and skills that need to be covered before a level can be achieved. This helps to explain why it can take quite a considerable amount of time before a level is achieved.

Business Studies – Refer to People, in society, economy and business

Computing and ICT refer to the benchmarks for Digital Literacy and Computing Science.


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