Welcome to the Faculty of CDT. We are a multi discipline subject area, linking together the worlds of design, manufacture, construction, analysis of how systems work and all things STEM related. Key skills explored and developed in the faculty include problem solving, technology use, communication of ideas and an awareness and appreciation of the built environment around us, with a focus on how we can work together to make it better. All pulled together with Design Thinking.


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Most pupils in S1 and S2 will be progressing through the bench marks of level 3, moving on to encounter level 4 benchmarks in S3. However, all pupils do progress at different rates. The final level achieved at the end of the BGE (S3) will help inform the pathway into National qualifications, at National 3, 4 or 5 level.  Please click on the link below which will highlight all the content and skills that need to be covered before a level can be achieved. CDT covers the craft, design, engineering and graphics benchmarks. This helps to explain why it can take quite a considerable amount of time before a level is achieved.

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