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The faculty of Geography, Classical Studies and RMPS delivers core and certificate courses for all learners from S1-6.  The two subject areas complement each other:  Geography taking a scientific approach to the study and interpretation of global physical and human features/interactions whilst also discussing the increasingly important issues of sustainability and global citizenship; RMPS exploring  the impact and significance of world religions, contemporary moral questions, and religious and philosophical questions. Learners have opportunities to consider both religious views and viewpoints independent of religious belief.

Classical Studies is also offered within the Faculty and this offers an exploration of the links between the ancient and modern worlds. Covering social, political, moral, cultural, religious and literary dimensions of the classical world it links these aspects of the ancient world with many of modern societies’ founding philosophical principles.


Mr S Ferriman Ms L Hooper Mrs A Fulton
Curriculum Leader of Geography, RMPS, Classical Studies and Outdoor Learning
Teacher of Geography
Teacher of Geography
Ms H Downey Mrs M Brady-McDonald Mr S Sewell
Teacher of RMPS
Teacher of RMPS Teacher of RMPS and Classical Studies


N3 N4 N5 H AH
Classical Studies green-tick green-tick green-tick
Geography green-tick green-tick green-tick green-tick green-tick
RMPS green-tick green-tick green-tick green-tick


Geography – refers to People, Place and the Environment

Most pupils in S1 and S2 will be progressing through the bench marks of level 3, moving on to encounter level 4 benchmarks in S3. However, all pupils do progress at different rates. The final level achieved at the end of the BGE (S3) will help inform the pathway into National qualifications, at National 3, 4 or 5 level.  Please click on the link below which will highlight all the content and skills that need to be covered before a level can be achieved. This helps to explain why it can take quite a considerable amount of time before a level is achieved.



  • Eco Club
  • Study Support (Nationals) Geography and RMPS
  • Study Support (Higher) Geography/ RMPS and Classical Studies
  • S6 Advanced Higher Geography Residential at FSC Kindrogan
  • S3 Activity Week excursions to Italian Volcanoes and Islands (Geography) and Rome (RMPS)