Curriculum for Excellence Levels

Education Scotland published the final version of their ‘Benchmarks’ document in June 2017, in order to help teachers, learners and parents better understand how to a particular Level is achieved in Literacy. 

The document contains information about how teachers arrive at an holistic decision when ascribing levels, using a combination of Experiences and Outcomes and  ‘Benchmarks’. The Benchmarks streamline and embed a wide range of assessment guidance (Significant Aspects of Learning and Progression Frameworks) into one key resource to support teachers’ professional judgements. 

We are developing our curriculum to include a Literacy Skills course delivered through our Library in S1 and have already introduced a bespoke course in S2. It establishes the relevance of Literacy skills across all subject areas, using a broad range of diverse, rich and challenging tasks that also highlight the importance of collaborative and organisational skills important for the world of work.

By the end of the Broad General Education (S1-S3), it is hoped that the majority of young people will have progressed to achieve Fourth Level and indeed most S3 will gain their first formal qualification with National 5 Literacy.