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DRAMA & Curriculum for Excellence

Drama Education enables students to develop their understanding of the world, relationships, culture and society. It is a mirror for real life. Students work collaboratively with others, explore moral and ethical issues and use their skills to communicate with an audience. Through Drama, students learn to become confident individuals, successful learners, responsible citizens and effective contributors. Teachers work together to continuously improve programmes of study in Drama which promote active learning, develop creativity and promote literacy, and ICT across learning in the subject.

The Department

The Drama department comprises two specialist teachers, offering a wide range of opportunities for performance and activities. The Drama department promotes wider individual achievement as well as academic success.
A wide range of SQA National Qualification courses are on offer in Drama including:
• National 3 – 5 Drama
• Higher Drama
• Advanced Higher Drama
• Creative Industries Skills for Work Level 5 & 6 (in partnership with Edinburgh College)
• Expressive Arts Baccalaureate and Interdisciplinary Project

School Facilities
The Royal High Drama Department benefits from specialist facilities and resources including a fully equipped Drama Studio for learning and performances and a Drama classroom. In addition, the department also houses a set and props stores and costume wardrobes.

The Assembly hall is also fully equipped with lighting and sound facilities, providing a large-scale performance space, used by Drama, Dance and Music for rehearsals, and to stage productions throughout the year.

Our industry-standard equipment provides opportunities for training in production skills, design, and theatre technologies. Many of these skills are transferable to a range of other disciplines and mediums.

Drama Courses:

S1 – 3 Curriculum for Excellence Level 3 & 4
All pupils in S1 and S2 receive one block of Drama per week. S1 and S2 students also experience a creative Industries course for one block per week as part of their Interdisciplinary experiences in the Expressive Arts. In S3, students receive three periods per week.

Drama in S1 and S2 enables students to develop creativity and imagination, language and literacy, collaborative group skills, and confidence. Through a range of units and projects, students develop Drama skills in communication, self-expression, developing ideas into action, voice, movement, role-play and improvisation.

S3 Drama develops a range of Drama Skills and Production Skills using both Text and devising Drama techniques and activities. Three strands of Drama skills develop, in Creating, Presenting and Evaluating.

S4 Curriculum for Excellence Levels 3-5
National 3, 4, or 5, classes receive 3 periods per week and undertake 3 units of study, Drama Skills, Production Skills and Performance/Added Value unit. National 4/5 is offered to S4 students where they develop the skills they learned in S1-3 in preparation for SQA presentation.

Students are encouraged in active learning and collaborative enquiry. Learning occurs through co-operation, participation and interaction with others. Relationships are at the centre of all drama work. By acting out roles and situations, learners develop understanding of real life issues. Each unit of study provides opportunities for students to express and communicate their thoughts, opinions and responses on a wide range of different themes and stimuli, including Drama texts.

S5 & S6 Curriculum for Excellence Level 5-7

Senior classes receive the standard 6 periods per week and can follow SQA courses at Higher and Advanced Higher levels. Where timetable allows, Creative Industries Skills for Work level 5 & 6 is offered in partnership with Edinburgh College as well as the Expressive Arts Baccalaureate and/or Interdisciplinary project.

Higher Drama

Students explore complex social and cultural influences on drama through the study of plays and playwrights. The course is recommended for students wishing to pursue a degree or further qualification in theatre, performing arts or creative industries, humanities, social sciences, humanities and law. The course provides opportunities for learners to develop skills creating and presenting drama. Critical thinking skills also develop as they investigate and develop complex drama skills. Students develop and hone their skills in textual analysis in preparation for both critical and discursive essays.  The practical Acting Exam demands that students perform in two extracts with their peers and is worth 50% of the course award.

Advanced Higher

Learners will investigate the ways that Theatre is influenced by key practitioners. They will expand and develop their own skills within their chosen area of acting, directing or design. Learners will also develop their skills in devising and interpreting text. Learners will also learn to analyse professional performance and the performance of others and will assessed through a drama performance and a project-dissertation.

In addition to class time, students very often work on in the department well after the normal school day is finished, either to improve or finish practical course work or, as is more often the case, to rehearse for examination and public performances.