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Music is the fabric of our society and can shape abilities and character . Our curriculum provides young people with rich opportunities to be creative and to experience inspiration and enjoyment. The principal activities of performing and creating music allow young people to develop their vocal and instrumental skills, explore sounds and musical concepts and use their imagination and skills to create musical ideas and compositions.

Music 1We develop their understanding and capacity to enjoy music through listening and analysis of musical performances. Music technology is used intrinsically to compose, record and produce music and to enhance performance. Our music curriculum brings together the three elements of music, performing, composing and listening, in dynamic and innovative ways. This allows young people to develop their skills in a range of creative ways, which are key to the development of life long learners who can flourish in society.


Courses Offered

Music with performing

National 4                   National 5                   Higher            Advanced Higher


Each level is made up of the following units:              

 Performing Skills

Composing Skills

Understanding Music

Musical Literacy

 Music 2

Key Skills                     

  • Learn how to play and perform solo or in a group on two selected instruments or voice.
  • The ability to create original music using compositional methods and music concepts when composing, arranging or improvising.
  • An understanding of the social and cultural factors influencing music.
  • Identifying level specific annotated music signs, symbols, concepts and styles.
  • Understanding the creative process and expression through music.
  • Develop language and reasoning as well as spatial intelligence.
  • Self-discipline and diligence, traits that carry over into intellectual pursuits and that lead to effective study and work habits.
  • A high level of technological skills for use with composing, recording, performing and live sound.

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Junior Band                           1.10pm               Music 3

Cello Ensemble                     1.10pm                Music 1


Orchestra                               1.10pm                Drama Studio

Guitar Ensemble                  1.10pm                Music 1

Keyboard Group                  1.10pm                 Music 2

Choir                                      3.30pm                Music 1


Brass Ensemble                    1.10pm                Music 2

Fiddle group                          1.10pm                Music 1


Samba Band                         1.10pm                Music 2

Jazz Band                              3.30pm                Music 1


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