School closure – S3

Week beginning 01 June (due 05 June)

Earth Ethics lesson 2 – Watchmaker

Read through the  PDF below and watch the video clips within it. There is also a link for your task 2 Microsoft forms activity.

Earth Ethics L2 – Watchmaker


Week beginning 18 May (due 22 May)

Earth Ethics lesson 1 – Universal Design

Read through the PDF below and complete the questions on a Word document. Please submit your work on Teams if possible or email it Mrs Brady-McDonald at

S3 RMPS Earth Ethics Lesson 1


Week beginning 4 May (due 8 May)

Read following article about Holocaust Memorial Day and remembering the Holocaust:

Remembering the Holocaust

On a word document complete the ‘You Decide and Some People Say’ activities from the end of the Article. These 3 task questions should be written in detailed paragraph form.

Week beginning 7 April

Aim: This week we will be investigating responses to the Nazis and the Holocaust.

First please read through the British Holocaust Heroes task sheet and then select an individual to study from the British Heroes cards.

Please submit your work on Teams. If this is not possible email it to Mrs Brady-McDonald.