English – Higher English – Academic Year 2020/21

Higher English – Academic Year 2020/21

Links to Higher texts for Session 2020/2021
Jekyll & Hyde
A Streetcar Named Desire


Hello, Champions!

On this page you’ll find all the resources you need  from now until the Summer Holidays.

You will have had an invitation to join your new Higher class Teams site. The main pieces of work are in the Higher Discursive and Weekly UAE Homework document. We’d like you to go through the Glasgow Sonnets Critical Reading resource too.

Any work you submit should be on your Homework tab, through the ClassNotebook embedded in Teams. If you can’t do that, just email your teacher.

We’re all really looking forward to getting back to RHS to start teaching you; believe it or not, you’re what we go to school for!

As well as all of this work, please take some time to read just for pleasure. At times like this, escaping into another world is often a lovely option to take. For most of your English teachers, it only took a book or two to really ignite a passion for Literature. You have time on your hands so read, write and create now that you have this opportunity.

We miss you…but get stuck in! We’re very much looking forward to seeing your work but will not be slow to chase you up.

Have fun, work hard and stay safe and healthy. All the best,

The English and Media Faculty

Higher Discursive Coursework and Weekly UAE Homework

Glasgow Sonnet – Self Teach – Higher