History – Ms Zagorac

School Closure Information

Ms Zagorac’s new S2 Classes

S2 Welcome note
Week 1: 5th May Intro to Swinging 60s
Week 2: 11th May Who was JFK?
Week 3: 18th May JFK’s assassination
Week 4: 25th May The Cold War
Week 5: 1st June The Vietnam War- Viet Cong tactics
Week 6: 8th June The Vietnam War- American tactics

S2 Welcome note
1960s revised timeline docx
Lesson1 Introduction to 1960s
Lesson 2 JFK
Kennedy facebook template
Lesson 3 JFK Assassination
Lesson 4 The Cold War
Lesson 5 Vietnam War Viet Cong tactics
Viet Cong Tactics
VC Tactics differentiated.
Lesson 6 Vietnam War American tactics
American Tactics Vietnam War
American tactics table

Black Civil Rights
Civil Rights 1
Lesson 1 Civil Rights

Ms Zagorac’s new S3 Classes

WWI workbook(1)

Ms Zagorac’s S1 Classes

Lesson 1- Native American timeline pictures
Diff sheet – drawn time line (2)
Lesson 1 – info to go with the timeline activity – LS (2)
PP lesson 2
Lesson 2 jigsaw activity (2)
PP lesson 3
Dances with Wolves worksheet with a little support
Lesson 4 Consequences of European arrival for natives
Consequences of European settlement for Native Americans
Lesson 5 Clashes over Land
Land ownership viewpoints lesson 5
PP lesson 6
Lesson 6 – Sitting Bull worksheet

Ms Zagorac’s S2 Classes

The Ghettos (2)
1. Living Conditions in the Ghetto (2)
2. Control (1)
3. Children in the Ghetto (1)
4. Living and Dying (1)
The Final Solution (1)
The Wannsee Conference (1)
Life in the Camps evie
Life inthe Camps Picture task 1
Ernest Levy obituary
Ghetto uprising success criteria