The Key Adult in The Royal High School               

The Key Adult role is was implemented in The Royal High School in January 2016 following extensive planning, consultation with staff, pupils and parent/carers and whole school staff sessions. The Key Adult role is an evolution of the Form teacher role and takes place on Friday mornings between 8.40 and 9am (previously known as Friday Form time). There will be no change to Form time from Mondays to Thursdays.

Curriculum for Excellence requires the provision of universal support and targeted support.

A child’s Key Adult is the member of staff who takes him or her for Form time on a Friday. S/he works with the support of a member of the Integrated Support Team (Pupil Support Leaders and Support for Learning) and a Depute Headteacher to ensure comprehensive universal support for every child. Universal support is provided for every pupil by all of the responsible adults with whom they come into contact throughout their entire learning journey.

Universal support is built upon the good work of all classroom teachers in:
• teaching well and in a stimulating manner
• setting high but achievable targets and goals
• offering each learner choices in their learning as part of the process of involving them in that learning
• recording successes and development needs
• encouraging each learner to reach his/her potential
• caring appropriately, and as part of a wider team, for the wellbeing of each learner.
Key Adults look at the “big picture” for each young person in his/her charge, overseeing their sets of academic goals and targets, as well as their overall progress. This includes achievements such as the development of skills, success in learning activities not aimed at academic qualifications, citizenship activities and also the personal achievements gained from successfully engaging in school.

We now have a new tracking system in school, allowing subject teachers, Key Adults, the Integrated Support team and Senior Leadership staff to track and monitor your child’s progress in his/her learning, attainment and wider achievement. Key Adults are able to access this information to support and encourage every learner to make the most of his or her time at The Royal High School. Key Adults will continue to communicate with IST staff if a learner requires additional support, ensuring timely targeted provision.

Targeted Support refers to a large variety of additional support provided for specific groups or individuals in specific circumstances and may occur at any point in a child’s learning. For example, it may follow on from support provided in primary school, or be introduced at a point during the learner’s secondary education to help counter or overcome barriers to learning. Targeted support can be short-term or long-term, depending on the supports that may be required in line with GIRFEC (Getting it Right for Every Child) practices. Key Adults continue to play a key role in coordinating the learning experiences, activities, targets and goals of the young person concerned but Integrated Support Team staff and Depute Headteachers coordinate the specific specialist skills that may be needed to support a young person and his/her family.

As we prepared for the implementation of the Key Adult role during the first term, the focus of Friday form time was primarily on health and wellbeing, skills, activities and strengthening our ethos and Key Adult relationships. Activities included: developing student voice via the roles of class representatives, Year Councils and the Student Parliament; charitable endeavours including Mary’s Meals and the Royal High Foodbank; study skills and skills awareness; the importance of attendance; equalities awareness; literacy; and reflections on the Armistice and World Peace Day.

The focus for Key Adults in the second and third terms includes: goal / target setting for academic success and wider achievement; a focus on skills, including profiles in the Broad General Education (S1-3) and preparation for post-school destinations in the Senior Phase (S4-6); support with Course Choice processes; reflections on reports and individual progress; developing career management skills with the Skills Development Scotland webservice,; reflections on the Holocaust; a focus on healthy lifestyle choices; a focus on anti-litter and respecting our environment; supporting Young Carers and voting for next year’s Student Council.

The Key Adult role is designed to ensure, in partnership with parents/carers, the continuing highest provision of support for every learner in The Royal High School community.

Paul Chambers
Depute Headteacher

The Key Adult Inservice 6 Jan 2016

The Key Adult Inservice 23 Feb 2015