Maths – S2 School Closure work

School Closure Work

New S3

Ms Crow’s New 3rd Year Class

For S3 maths classes (NOT Mrs Crows class): Week cg 1st June

1 Starter Area-circles

1 RATIO Review

2 Starter Number-percentage increase

2 proportion

Week commencing 5th May

Week commencing 11th May
1a Starter
1b Algebra recap
1c Algebra ANSWERS
2a Ratio-given one value
2b percentages-questions
2c percentages-solutions
3a Algebra-expanding single brackets
3b pythagoras-review-worksheet
3c pythagoras-answers
4a Number-percentage of amount
4b Area and Perimeter Revision
4c area and perimeter worksheet

For S3 maths classes (NOT Mrs Crows class): Week cg 25 May

Angles-parallel lines

Revision 5 Missing Angles

Revision 5 Missing Angles ANSWERS


Mrs Underwood w/b 18th May

1a 1805 Starter

1b SDT

2a Starter

2b Mixed Revision

2c Mixed Revision 1 Answers

3a Starter

3b Mixed Revision 2

3c Mixed Revision 2 Answers