Miss Abrahams Classes – Closure Work

Work for Miss Abrahams new S2 classes (2H, 2M, 2G and 2i)

Week Beginning 15th June

Clothing Portrait

Work for Miss Abrahams’ S3 class. Wednesday 17th June

Hello everybody.

You should have all now finished all of the Picasso template, and sent it to me for feedback.

You are now going to to the first part of the Matisse painting. (This is the YELLOW section only).

  •  The worksheet on Matisse is below.
  • Watch the video (the same as before)
  • Use the vocabulary sheets to help you select descriptive art terms.
  • Remember to try and complete TWO different points for each section.
  •  This worksheet is to be completed by Monday 22nd June.

Any questions, let me know.

Miss Abrahams

Yellow Matisse Template

Work for Miss Abrahams’ New S3 and New S4 Classes w/b 25th May.
Here are the instructions to complete the 1st and 2nd parts of your written assignment.
 You are going to be writing about the painting called ‘Weeping Woman’ by Pablo Picasso.
If you are unable to open any of the attachments or links please go to email sent by teacher or OneNote!
Step 1.  Watch the video below. Click on the link below. It may help to take notes as you watch it. 
Step 2.  Now watch this short Picasso video. Again make notes.


Step 3.  You are now going to start to fill out the Yellow Picasso template.  Please make sure that you save the ‘Yellow Picasso templateto your own own OneDrive as a Word document. You will start by completing the first 6 boxes only on the Yellow Picasso template. This shows the ‘visual elements’, they are highlighted in yellow. 

The video you have been asked to watch in step 1 will show you how to go about answering this question (it also gives a few answers!)  The attached NATIONAL 5 QUESTION PAPER PROMPTS will help you with your answers. There is also a vocabulary booklet (SENIOR PHASE ART & DESIGN VOCAB) which will help you select appropriate terminology for your Picasso template.    Aim for at least 2 points for each heading, eg. Try to come up with 2 points relating to how line can be seen in the ‘line’ section, and the impact this has on the painting.

If you are able to, print off the Senior Phase Art & Design Booklet as this may be easier to work from. If not you will need to keep changing screens.

Step 4. Once you have completed this section. Send to me: Either save on your art Onenote in Class Notes. It is important you email me to tell me you have done this. Alternatively, you can share it to me via email.

NEXT STEPS:  DEADLINE: Thurs 28th May.

  1. Finish/ or develop further your answers for yellow section of Picasso Template, based on the prompts I have given you. Aim for at least 2 points for each heading.

  2. Then, move onto the green section of the worksheet. Watch Picasso/ Matisse video again. And remember to read the 2 other email attachments to help you.

  3. Save your work on ONENOTE if possible, or email to me

Any questions or concerns get in touch with me.😊
Miss Abrahams