Miss Howie – Closure Work

Lessons for Miss Howie’s classes 2B, 2C, 2F for June

Please photograph your work and add it to your Homework section in Home schooling on your one note and email me it too please.

This is one option for you to do this week. Street Art

Look at street Art online, including Banksy who is the most famous street artist.
Come up with an imaginative optical illusion design where your eyes are tricked into
Seeing something that is not what it seems. It should be on the side of a building,
But you can decide if there’s bricks, a window, drainpipe, door, whatever you like.
Use images online to help you. Remember to come up with your own idea, don’t copy one, although you can use Street Art from Google images as inspiration of course. If you would like to do any part of this digitally, that is okay too!
You can do this in pencil with tone, biro, coloured pencil, whatever you have.
Have fun with it!

Your second option is to design your ‘Dream House’.

You can design it just from one viewpoint or you can do a view from above etc. If you are comfortable using perspective and vanishing points you can construct your 3D shapes this way, or partly this way as you may want curved, wavy shapes.
Have a look at Frank Gehry and Zaha Hadid architecture online to see fun shapes you can work with.
A good tip is to not start with a large rectangle as that limits you as to what you can do with it. It is more creative to do individual shapes and keep adding them on. If you are not comfortable with doing 3D shapes, that’s ok, you can be imaginative with 2D as well. Consider the types of windows, balconies, conservatories, possibly a pool on the roof or an escape Shute from your window, all sorts of things that would be fun for you. Annotate your drawing, which means putting notes round the sides as to your thinking and a line drawn towards what your note is referring to.
If you happen to have software on your iPad or computer and you would like to do it digitally, go for it!

Miss Howie’s S3 class: New work for Friday 19th June 

Hi all, thank you to all those of you who have made the changes to your Picasso template and uploaded it into ‘Homework’ in your OneNote. There are still a few outstanding, so please can you get them in ASAP as we still need to do a fair bit before the end of term. I have copied below the instructions I have added into the Home Schooling tab in your one note. If you then open the tab that says Matisse template you will find the same text as below. I will also put it into Teams to cover all the bases!

Hopefully we have all the ‘link’ issues sorted so you should be able to work through this from now. Please note the date I have put in the instructions of next Friday 19th to have completed the template and added it to your homework section in one note. Some instructions below will give you a few pointers as to what things you can be writing in your templates. Please see below:

Please fill in the Matisse Template now, similar to how you filled in the Picasso template. You should manage this one a bit quicker now you have been through the process once already. Can I ask you to have this template completed by next Friday 19th.That will give us one week for you to make a start on a design piece. Remember to look back at the Picasso and Matisse video in the home schooling tab. This picture is quite different from the last one and remember to answer the questions knowing it is a paper cut-out, so you won’t be discussing brushwork. Look carefully through the’ colour’ section in the Senior phase vocabulary document also in the home schooling tab. This will help you to understand terms such as ‘dominant colour’ ‘limited palette’ ‘contrasting colours’ etc and also to understand tone, that it should refer to light from a light source and shadow, rather than light and dark colours. What we can see from the Matisse cut-out is that there is a flat tone as it does not look 3D. You can discuss simple shapes, the fact that it is not realistic but discuss what the image represents. Discuss vibrancy of colour and lack of pattern and texture. It may seem like there’s not very much in the picture but you should find plenty to write about!

Email me if you have any questions regarding this.
Thank you,
Miss Howie


Miss Howie’s Higher (D) class – Design work for 18th June

Hi all, I hope you are all keeping well and coping ok with working from home.

I am now taking over to do the design template with you. I have added the templates, guide to Design Elements and Senior phase vocabulary Booklet to your one note in the content library in the tab ‘resources’. I have also put them in your Teams. Please let me know if any of the links don’t work for you. I know Mrs Black has been using the assignment feature in Teams, however for a consistency with how I have been working, can you please use the ‘Homework’ section in your one note to put your work and I will give you written feedback in your ‘learning conversations’ section. I will also keep up to date with you through emails, so any questions, queries etc, please email me and I’m happy to help!

The first thing I would like you all to do is email me which designer you would prefer to use for your Higher work, Lalique or Chang. I believe the majority of you looked at both of these last year and it would make sense to use one of these for Higher. There is also a lot you can find online about these pieces. If you are crashing Higher, you get to choose, so look up Peter Chang’s Powerhouse Bracelet (2004) or Rene Lalique’s Dragonfly Brooch 1898 (it’s usually the first one to appear in a google image search for it) and let me know which one you would like to do.
For those of you who created the templates last year, you have the option of using that template and adding on the additional sections, or transferring the information to the Higher template which has a different look as it only has one designer on it and the impact is in a section down the right, rather than highlighted under each point. I will leave it up to you.

Work for Thursday 18th:

Those who did N5 – complete all sections on the Higher template. This shouldn’t be a lot to do as there are only three sections that are new for this.

Crashing Higher – fill in the blue and yellow highlighted sections of the Higher template you have chosen to use. You will do the influences section the following week and I will give you guidance for this.

Make sure you add an impact for each point you make.
Please remember to put a copy of your work in the Homework section in your one note. It has not been set up as an assignment in Teams which I know Mrs Black did with you. Also, email me once you have done so, then I can start on your feedback.

For those using your old template, the sections you will need to add are:
Technology and working methods
Four social/cultural etc influences, however, unlike N5 you must always make sure your influences impact the specific piece you are discussing, not just a general influence.
For Higher, you only need to write about one visual element but you should aim to make three points, plus impact for this visual element. If you are using last years template, you don’t need to erase the other visual elements as they will help you with your three points for ‘Aesthetics’.

Can I just remind you to make your own copy of the template and save it to your one drive as someone in the other class helpfully filled mine in!

Can I also ask those of you who did N5 last year to firstly add a copy of your last years filled in templates into your Homework section on one note so I can see what you have done for your chosen designer so far.

Please email me with any issues,
Looking forward to hearing from you all!

Miss Howie


Miss Howie’s classes – 1B, 1C 1F and 2E w/b 27th April

Hi everyone,

just a reminder and nudge for you to complete a piece of artwork before a Friday. Choose one of the options from the four links to videos at the bottom of this email I sent last week. Thank you to those who have emailed me their work. I am using a checklist to tick you off and I promise to give you feedback on your work. The week 4 option allows you to draw anything you like from an image but Mrs Black gives you tips in the video. From Monday you will be moving forward to S2 and I will be giving you bigger home projects to do, but please do complete this last task for ‘S1’ 😊
Don’t think of it as work, have fun with it.

Miss Howie
Work for Miss Howie’s 3E and 3F Art & Design classes w/b 27th April
Hello 3E and 3F
I hope you are all doing well and mostly managing to keep on top of schoolwork.
Thank you to those who have already sent me their work, whether in progress or completed. It is great to see everyone thinking very carefully when making up still lives and I’m seeing some excellent drawing. For those still to send me something, keep the work coming! I am about to give you your next piece of work to do.
Most of you took several photographs of your still life groups at school. Choose one, even if it is the same one as you have used before, and I would like you to do a CLOSE CROPPED composition. This means homing in on an interesting section of the photograph and cropping it down. Your images will then be enlarged for you to get extra detail, texture and tone in an area that is usually too small for some of these. You will possibly see less objects and something may be more cropped off than it is in the frame, but that is ok! Move your crop rectangle around on your iPad until you find a balanced composition. You should still think of leading lines, folds in material.
If you don’t have a photo or photos of your school still life, that is ok, just  use the objects you have used at home to do another one, but close cropped this time.  If you are doing this, remember, don’t just use one piece of material for the background as it flattens the picture, but you all know this, just a reminder 😊.
With your school compositions, you shouldn’t use the same medium twice when doing compositions, (I’m not counting the single object drawings when I say this, just the compositions) so choose one you haven’t done yet. If you’ve already done a pencil and coloured pencil try collage, Pop Art, or Pointillism with felt pens (google it if you’re not sure, it’s just dots). Or you could do an atmospheric ‘blue’ or ‘red’ composition where you treat it like a tonal picture, but you use monochromatic colours instead.
I will give you until next Monday to do it, then email me the result! Of course, any questions just ask 😊
Next week all S3 will officially begin S4 and we are all commencing with written work.
In the meantime, email me anytime with questions or if you would like me to look at work in progress.
Take care,
Miss Howie

Miss Howie’s classes – 1B, 1C 1F and 2E w/b 21st April

Hope you are all safe and well! Sorry about the obvious glitch with one note, we will use email for now! Here are ‘How to’ videos Mrs Black has put together which are underneath the instagram image. Please watch them all, decide which one you would like to do first for your ‘50 minute lesson’ for this week! You can do this any time this week, not necessarily the day you usually have Art &Design. These four videos should be enough to last for the next four weeks, doing one a week. Try and get your first task completed by 12.30 on Friday. Please email me a photo of your work once you have completed it. You have a week to do each lesson. All we ask is that you try your best and do not worry if you do not have exactly the correct materials, just try to use what you have. I will acknowledge and record all pieces of work photographed and emailed to me. I will give you feedback where appropriate. Remember to follow us on Instagram so you can see the work that everyone has been doing. Work is being put up each week.


Keep safe.
Miss Howie

Email Art Work

Week 1 Fun with Lines
Week 2 Imagination Doodles
Week 3 Making paper patterns
Week 4 How 2 sketch quickly from an image