Mrs Haleys Classes – School Closure Work

Mrs Haley’s New S3 Class

S3 Mrs Haley work w/b 18th May Task 3


2. Yellow Matisse template (1)

Matisse task

Mrs Haley’s New S4 Class

SampleQu Exp 1

Medium Video

Hello everyone,

Your Picasso template should now be finished and with me for checking.

Your next task is this –

Picasso Task 2

Write up your Picasso and Matisse template as an essay.

You must cover every element which is down the left side of your template,as a separate heading, for example –

LINE    ” Matisse doesn’t use lines……. a fleeting moment.  Whereas  Picasso used bold lines…….geometric look.



.etc etc

This is due for Monday 25th May after which we will be going on to exam-type tests and questions on it.

Any questions let me know!

Mrs Haley


Hi everyone,

I hope you’ve managed to make a start on the Picasso/Matisse template which I sent on the 23rd April (I attach it again, with simple and extended vocabulary to help you).  Some of you have uploaded your work to Onenote, but many have not, so here is a video by Mrs Boyd to help you with the task.




Expressive essay template

Senior Phase Art & Design Vocab. terms


I will also put everything on OneNote and on the website. When complete, upload it to your Onenote – if you can’t, email it to me – and let me know when you have done it.

Please try to get this complete by next Tuesday 12th May.

Any questions let me know.

Mrs Haley


Mrs Haley’s New 2A class

Colour Wheel from household items


Poster competition-spec. Deadline the 8th June.

Hybrids task


Mrs Haley’s New 2H Class

2H Creative Industries class

Hello everyone in 2H,
Your final task for this term, DUE 22ND JUNE, is –
1) watch the two  short videos attached
2) pick out one job in the Creative Industries and write about 200 words about that job.
You can email me your work, or put it on your OneNote (which is still ROY – Art – 1H)

Video 1

Video 2


Poster competition spec

Hello new 2H,

Thank you for all the artwork you’ve been sending in – some lovely pieces, and many have gone up on the Art Department’s Instagram! If you still have to submit any of April’s work, please do so as soon as you can.

Art and Design work till 11th May

Here is a fun creative task I’d like you to try.    I will also put it on the school website. 




Mrs Haley’s NPA Level 5 Photography class.

Hello everyone and welcome to the course! I hope you are keeping well and safe.

Hopefully you have been able to join the class on Teams. I will speak to you in Posts there, and upload course material  there, but also email you with the work and put it on the school website as backups.

The course has four Units –

Understanding Photography

Photographing Places

Working with Photographs

Photographing People.

For those who have done NPA level 4, the units are the same titles but more complex and varied. You will also be using the DSLR cameras sometimes, when you return to school. You can also use your own camera, Ipad or phone for any of the course.

Here is your first task!

It is important that you develop a strong sense of the Visual Elements for the course. Study the Powerpoint, and take two photos for each Visual Element. Each photo must really focus on that element alone. Take a good look around your house/garden. You can find good images, or set up your own groups.

The Visual Elements

Upload your photos to the Understanding Photography section of your OneNote.

Try to have this done by Thursday 14th May. Any problems let me know. I look forward to working with you!

Mrs Haley

UNIT 1 Understanding Photography. Due on the 27th May

Mike Brown’s rule of thirds



Last Task for the Term


Mrs Haleys Higher Photography


The Visual Elements


egs of VE images and comments


Throughout the course you will be set creative challenges to make you look at the world in new ways!

Your first challenge is to take a creative portrait photo (of yourself, or someone else) which shows what the person is interested in. I attach some ideas. If you want to take it of yourself, you will need to set up a self-timer. It is due for next Wednesday 27th May.

This task and all future tasks will be set as Assignments on Teams, so please turn in your homework there.

I am still waiting for quite a lot of Task 1’s – the Visual Elements. Please get in touch if you are struggling with this! I do not want you to fall behind this early in the course.

Mrs Haley

Ideas for a creativMrs Haley’s New S3 Classe portait photo


Last Task for the Term