The Royal High Parent Council

Every school in Scotland, secondary and primary, should have a Parent Council.  Parent Councils were established by the Scottish Government in 2007, to replace the previous School Board structure, carrying out some of the work which a School Board used to do, and other jobs too.

At the Royal High School, our Parent Council looks after both official parental liaison with the school and also representing the opinions of Royal High parents to stakeholders on the local and national stage.  Recently, we have campaigned on a number of issues, such as city-wide school budget proposals, local road safety issues, and also Scotland-wide policy matters.  We have been in dialogue with the Council about the school’s available social space accommodation, and have addressed concerns regarding the safe crossing of Queensferry Road to local and national politicians and officials. This year, we expect to work with the school on further implementation of the Curriculum for Excellence.  We aim to make sure parents have a say in the appointment of senior staff at the school, including the recent appointment of our Rector and several Curriculum Leaders, and we represent the views of parents to the school on school policy matters which affect us all.  We work closely with the school’s Senior Management Team on a number of projects, and collaborate closely with the PSA and with the Former Pupils’ Association.  We’ve forged links with the other four Parent Councils in our cluster (Blackhall, Clermiston, Cramond and Davidson’s Mains) and we keep in regular contact with over a dozen of the local councillors for our catchment area and with our MPs and MSPs.

We’re all volunteers – parents and carers of pupils at the Royal High School, who take part in Parent Council activities on an entirely voluntary basis.  We’re always happy for more parents and carers to become involved.  To get in touch, please either e-mail the Chair or the Clerk (details below), or another of the parent reps who also has pupils in the same year as your son or daughter,  or contact us care of the School Office.  We would be very happy to hear from any parents who wish to find out more, or want to join the Parent Council.

Our meeting dates for session 2017/18 are as follows.

All meetings take place at 7pm in the school:

Thursday 29th August 2019

Tuesday 1st October 2019

Monday 25th November 2019

Wednesday 15th January 2020

Monday 2nd March 2020

Wednesday 22nd April 2020

Thursday 11th June 2020 (AGM)


You can read minutes of our recent meetings here:

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Annual Report

You can read the Parent Council section from the most recent Royal High Annual Reports here:

Office Bearers

Chair – Luke McCullough – (Parent Rep, S4)

Treasurer – Chakrapani Challagali – Rep S6)

Clerk – Liz Leslie –

Parent Members

Jude Walsh (Parent Rep S2) –
Chakrapani Challagali (Parent Rep S2/S4) –
Susannah Enaholo (Parent Rep S2/S5) –
Eric Jackson (Parent Rep S5) –
Alan Kirkpatrick (Parent Rep S5) –
Pauline Lindsay (Parent Rep S6) –
Tanya MacLeod (Parent Rep S3/S5) –
Moira MacKenzie (Parent Rep S1/S3/S5) –
Stewart Smith (Parent Rep S6) –
Elise Tallaron (Parent Rep S2/S4) –
Lynne and Martin Williams (Parent Rep S1/S4) –
Vijay Veerasamy (Parent Rep S3) –
Sibongile Pradhan (Parent Rep S5) –
Dorothy-Anne Newlands (Parent Rep S1/S3) –
Janice MacInnes (Parent Rep S3)-
Alison Macartney (Parent Rep S4)-
Kevin Wallace (Parent Rep S1/S3)-
Prasad Mangalampalli (Parent Rep S4)-
Anne Walker (Parent Rep)-
Karen Taylor (Parent Rep)-
Tony Newell (Parent Rep S1)-
Gillian Martin (Parent Rep S1)-

Ex-officio Members

Pauline Walker (Rector)

Rory Murray (Staff Rep)

David Williamson (Former Pupils’ Rep)