If I Were Prime Minister

If I Were Prime Minister

Here is a link to the BBC Newsround’s page with all the different schools they spoke to as part of the “If I were Prime Minister…” piece. The Royal High School were one of the schools who took part and our pupils have great ideas!


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WWI Battlefield Experience


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Bulletin 126, 15 May 2017

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Careers Information Days


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Scottish Schools Pipe Band Championship results

Scottish Schools Pipe Band Championship Results



The Intermediate band competed for the very first time and what a grand job they did. By far the youngest and newest band in the section but what a start to the season for them! Now the first competition nerves are out of the way we’ll be working on building this and preparing for their first parade and Red Hot Chilli Piper gig. Unfortunately no prize this time but the prizes will come!

The Seniors picked up 3rd prize out of 21 bands in the Novice Juvenile B category, a fantastic achievement. Unfortunately we didn’t get a prize in the freestyle but everyone is buzzing about the performance – it was incredible! There are already thousands of views on Facebook and the Red Hot Chilli Pipers genuinely want to put it on their next album.

We also won the Endeavour prize which is a very special one and instructor Clare Millar admits that there was a wee tear in her eye when it was announced. Katie Napier very kindly submitted the application for this award and here was the criteria:
Endeavour Award
Winners of the Endeavour Award will demonstrate the positive ethos and attributes that pipe bands encourage, apart from excellence in performance. Awards will be made to pipe bands, not individuals. In selecting the winners of the Endeavour Award, judges will consider evidence of one or more of the following:
Community Contribution
For example, performances at community events, pupils’ participation in community bands and ensembles, participation in community achievement awards, voluntary activities.
Inclusion and Diversity
For example, positive efforts to unite young people from diverse backgrounds, ethnicities and religions; inclusion of pupils with differing abilities including those with special needs; removal of barriers such as financial hardship or transport issues.
Enthusiasm and Camaraderie
For example, evidence of enjoyment (on the day of the event) and transmitting that enjoyment to others; or evidence of individual band members’ support and friendship for one another.
For example, new ways of doing things whether it be in terms of playing the pipes and drums (e.g. in association with other instruments, storytelling, poetry, acting, dancing), raising funds, teaching and learning.
Perseverance and resilience
For example, activities that enable a band to flourish despite adverse circumstances such as illness or absence of instructors, or limited funding sources; or evidence of individual band members who persevere despite challenging circumstances.
Congratulations to everyone, you should all be very proud!

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