School Closure Work – New S3 Physics

New S3 Physics

Week commencing 15th June

S3 Physics work week beginning 15 June

Week commencing 8th June

S3 Physics work week beginning 08 June

Week commencing 1st June

Lesson 6_7 Research

  S3 Electronics

Week commencing 22nd June


This time we look at how to design a circuit that will be constructed on Breadboard and Stripboard.

See the video, below.

You are then asked to choose a circuit and draw the diagram and alongside it draw the design for construction on Stripboard, on the same piece of paper. Use the lines on lined paper or a jotter to represent the strips of copper.

Designing a circuit for construction on Stripboard


Week commencing 8th June

The L E D Questions

LED and Series Resistor

Week Commencing 1st June

Please view the video lessons, watch the demonstrations and answer the questions, on paper. If you have access to Teams upload a photograph of your answers, photographed using the Office Lens app, if possible. Thank you.

Transistor Circuits LDR

Transistor Circuits Thermistor

Transistors in Circuits Questions

S3 Electronics week 3


Capacitance Time Constant

Voltage Divider

Week 4 Voltage Dividers Questions

S3 work week beginning 25 May

Ohms law calculations

Please set out your work like this




Week beginning 5th May

Video lessons on Teams and our Class Notebook. You should have received an invitation by email last week. Please email if you did not or cannot access them.

If you cannot access them, the main piece of work this week is to find out what a resistor does in a circuit and decode the values of the resistors with these coloured bands.

Resistor Identification

S3 Physics

Week beginning 5th May

Week beginning 11th May

S3 Physics work week beginning 18 may