Senior Phase

Dear Senior Students,

we have plenty of work to do to develop these English pages for you. However, while we are doing that we would like to share a few links that will give you a little support and information as you continue your National 5, Higher Revision or Advanced Higher revision.

Use your time wisely in the following weeks and if you need support, ask your English teacher for help.

SQA Past Papers

You can find past papers, specimen papers and mark schemes (to review your answers with) on this page. If you are doing Higher, remember to pick the ‘New Higher’ option from the drop-down menu.

Nat 5, Higher and Advanced Higher Past Papers

BBC Bitesize

Lots of resources for revision and ‘Test’ sections. The site covers all the parts of the National 5 and Higher courses.

National 5


Education Scotland’s ‘Knowledge about Language’

If you are unsure rules of grammar, parts of speech, punctuation, common mistakes or other technical aspects of language, this website is very useful. It also has ‘Test Yourself’ sections too.

Education Scotland’s ‘Knowledge of Language’

SQA ‘Understanding Standards’

This is an excellent new resource for National 5 and Higher. It shows scanned-in examples of candidates’ papers from last year’s exams. You can see what they wrote, what marks they were awarded according to the SQA Markers and why they gained/did not gain the marks.

SQA ‘Understanding Standards’

Weblinks for English Resources from Education Scotland

This resource provides six pages of different links to English resources. Not all of them will be useful to you. However, some of them are very good and might provide that extra mark or two that could make the difference…

Weblinks for English

Revision App

Thanks to our very own Sakib Ahamed for sharing this handy Revision App. It allows you to plan your time and even prioritise according to your particular strengths and areas for development.

SQA Revsion App


Higher Scottish Text Resources