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S1-S3 PSE (All Nations)

Smashed Online – Exploring the Dangers of Underage Drinking
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  • Once in, click on the picture with an arrow (it is under the blue button which says ‘teacher guide’)
  • There are 6 episodes in total and a pre/post course survey to complete – you can work through them at your own pace.
  • At the end you can download your completed certificate.

SfP Staff Group

Welcome to the Pupil Support Faculty

When pupils enrol at the Royal High School they are allocated to a Nation (led by a Depute Head Teacher and Pupil Support Leader) and a Form class. There are 5 Nations – Angles, Brits, Picts, Scots and Gaels. The Royal High School operates a vertical pastoral system which means that, where possible, siblings from the same family are allocated to the same Nation, Pupil Support leader and often the same Form teacher for the duration of their time at the Royal High School.

Pupil Support Leaders are responsible for all forms of pastoral care for their Nation and liaise closely with the Depute Head Teacher and Form teachers. This system has been set up to ensure that each pupil is known as an individual, has their needs uniquely met and feels valued.

In addition to pastoral care, Personal and Social Education is planned and taught by the Pupil Support Leaders to ensure pupils learn about and can discuss matters such as healthy relationships, health, progress in learning, careers education and citizenship.

Teenage years can be difficult for some youngsters and our Pupil Support staff play an important role in helping pupils who are experiencing problems in their education or personal lives. During Parents’ Evenings there are opportunities for parents/carers to meet Pupil Support Leaders, however if you have concerns about your child’s progress or matters of a personal nature, you can contact the school to make an appointment with the relevant Nation Pupil Support Leader.

Designated Pupil Support Leaders

Angles   –      Pupil Support Leader Mr Welsh


Brits        –      Pupil Support Leader Mr Rodger

S Rodger

Picts      –      Pupil Support Leader Mr Watson

R Watson

Scots     –       Pupil Support Leader Mrs Sim

H Sim

Gaels     –      Pupil Support Leader Mrs Saddler (Mon/Tues)

J Saddler N Casey

Other specialist staff

Audrey Pannozzo, Pupil Welfare Assistant

Jo Withers, Pupil Support Officer (CAMHS)

Jenny Spence, School Nurse, NHS (CAMHS)

Jen O’Neill, Careers Adviser, Skills Development Scotland

Gillian Young, School Liaison Officer, Police Scotland

Natali Fraser, Youth Support Worker

Pupil Support @ The Royal High School (GIRFEC)


The aims of the Nation system are –

  • Building strong partnerships between children, young people, their parents, carers and those who support their learning
  • A system for monitoring and reviewing progress and achievements at school level

The staged intervention system is part of a nationwide strategy to support young people with barriers to their learning.  At the Royal High School the staged intervention process supports young people with a barrier to learning by:

  • Early intervention and targeting of resources where most needed
  • Agreeing on a plan to help a young person reach their potential, using the GIRFEC framework to support.

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